Friday Fun: Where’s a cold front when you need it?

I’m about to declare a weather bankruptcy on the heat in Texas. I’ve been around here long enough to know that it gets hot but I’m done. Seriously, I wonder what it would take to pack up the entire family operation and live in a cooler state for a couple of weeks. Is that possible? I recently talked to my neighbor and he got 2nd degree burns on his feet just walking to the swimming pool. Yikes!

Twitter via SMS
The folks at Twitter rolled out a new feature, Fast Follow, that really has some great potential when trying to reach customers. Twitter has allowed SMS from the very beginning but this new service allows you to follow a Twitter feed without having a Twitter account. Perhaps you would like to follow Groupon Dallas and don’t want or need a Twitter account; you’re covered. You need only type: Follow @GrouponDallas and send it to 40404. This is a great option for locations where SMS is pervasive and they are adding more locations globally all the time. /via ReadWriteWeb 

Android is Blowin’ Up Some Kind of Huge
There are a number of Android devices available and every couple of weeks a new devices shows up. This week the Droid 2 from Motorola hit store shelves and looks pretty sharp. There are a number of other devices in the product pipeline and Google is no doubt excited. CEO Eric Schmidt recently reported that 200,000 Android powered devices are sold each day. Now comes word that Android market share has surpassed the iPhone and is just behind RIM. Keep in mind that we’re still talking smart phones at this point. In just a few months you’ll see Android on TV’s, tablets and more. /via Engadget

Speaking of Android
Over at Gizmodo they posted a handy resource that will help you optimize your Android battery life so you don’t have a bunch of apps or services constantly draining your battery. Pretty handy if you have an Android device. /via Gizmodo


The Bamboo Bottle
I have to say this is a pretty slick looking bottle. The Bamboo Bottle is a bamboo sleeve with a glass bottle on the inside and a couple of plastic pieces. Before you cry foul they are quick to point out that the use of plastic is not ideal but necessary until they can find an alternative. /via Gizmodo

Twitter Tweet Button
This week Twitter released a new Tweet Button that makes it even easier to share content into the Twitter stream. The idea is to make it even easier to share content and also help curate the stream to elevate quality accounts. Twitter also uses their own URL shortening service with they argue will help reduce malicious links. /via Twitter and Mashable


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