Friday Fun: Almost Fall

The last full week of August brought a brief respite from the oppressive heat which means fall's cooler temps are sure to follow. It also means football. I've had the pleasure of attending the first two football practices for my oldest. His first comment on day one was, "It felt like they were torturing us." If he only knew; they had it easy.


Facebook iPhone App Stats

Earlier this week there was a report that Facebook had over 100 million iPhone users. They were a little off in how they represented that number. The real number is 44 million monthly 'active users'. So there are 44 million users that have interacted with the iOS application. That is still huge by all accounts. Facebook was kind enough to release that there are also 12 million active Android users and 60 million Blackberry users. /via TUAW & Engadget


Location Services, Indoors

Most Location Based Services (LBS) rely on GPS to determine a position of the device. When that isn't available your approximate location can be determined by cell tower triangulation. But once you head indoors both of those methods are hindered by the physical structure of the building. Point Inside is running a test with the supermarket chain Meijer where they are mapping the inside of the store and using the WiFi routers to determine location. This way users can find items without wandering up and down the aisles. Naturally offers are part of the application as well. There might be some interesting ideas for large hotels. /via RWW

Where do tweets go when they die?
Twitter prides itself on being real time but what happens to those old tweets? They do still exist and now a company called Topsy is making those old tweets new again by allowing users to search the old tweets. I found the service to be pretty good and although I was only searching my old tweets I was reminded of some things I thought were actually useful but had since forgotten. /via RWW


T-Shirt Fun

I'm not sure if it was the giant stacked hamburger, the dinosaur with lasers attached to its head or the Chuck Norris like character on the front that reminded me of @luistoro but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this t-shirt. /via Threadless

Space Invaders – In Your Glass
Seriously, I don't think there is a Space Invader product that has been missed yet. I'm pretty certain you can decorate your entire house in Space Invaders stuff. I suppose Space Invader shaped ice cubes would make for a somewhat interesting conversation with the right group of people. You wouldn't want to get water stains on your furniture so hand them a Space Invader coaster to set their drink down while they watch you slice veggies on the cutting board. /ThinkGeek


Dress Up Your iPhone and iPad

Every so often people ask about how they can spruce up their mac to play on the light up Apple on the back. Why stop there? This post has some great stickers that are sure to be a conversation starter on your next flight. So get hip and dress up that device. /via inewidea

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