Friday Fun: New Goodies Coming to iOS 4.2

Being busy cramps my blogging habits. I gotta tell you though it is nice to finally see something less than triple digit heat in Dallas. 90+ may not sound like a break but at least my air conditioner will shut off every once in a while. With football in full swing and Pumpkin Spice Lattes that means fall is nearly here. I can’t wait. 

New Features in iOS 4.2
Coming soon to an iOS device near you will be a much anticipated update. With this upcoming release you the iPad will finally get multitasking and folders. There are some new features that Steve Jobs recently announced that are going to provide some fascinating opportunities for iOS owners. This update to iOS should mean that future updates will apply to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • AirPrint – That right you can print directly from your device to a shared printer on your network. HP has also released some printers that will allow you to print directly to the printer. 
  • AirPlay – I’m really excited about this feature. Using this feature you will be able to stream content to AppleTV and music will stream to AirPort Express.
  • Safari – You’ll now be able to search for content on a page in Mobile Safari.
  • Multitasking – iPad will now have the ability to use multitasking which is going to be really useful for heavy users.
  • Folders – Another update for iPad will allow you to organize your apps into folders.
  • Orientation Switch on the iPad – The switch will now be for muting the audio instead of locking the vertical/horizontal orientation of the screen. To lock the screen you will need to use multitasking.
  • Game Center – The social connector for gaming available on the iPhone with iOS 4.1 will make it to the iPad.
  • Unified Inbox – The updated inbox will apply to the iPad as well. 
  • Notes – You can finally change that dumb font in Notes. 
Talk like a pirate day.
If you notice your Facebook wall fill up with crazy pirate talk on Sunday September the 19th you can blame @vancecarp since he claims this is his favorite day all year long. To honor pirates everywhere I bring you the following direct quote from our President – Let us reckon these words. Fer ‘t falls on each generation t’ ensure that that lamp -– that beacon -– continues t’ shine as a source o’ hope around th’ world, an’ a source o’ our prosperity here at homeport.”

New Addition to “The Ranch”

While in Austin over the Labor Day weekend I had time to go shopping. When you don’t have kids in tow you can check out some of the more unusual shops that they don’t care about. In the trendy SoCo area of South Congress in Austin there are all sorts of great shops with a variety of old and new kitschy stuff and awesome restaurants. While shopping around I couldn’t pass up a quality find from Monkey See, Monkey Do

You see the awesomeness of this find is that it is the perfect addition to “The Ranch”. The Ranch is the office of my boss and due to it’s large space the name stuck. In fact there was a joke the office was so large two different groups were in the same space meeting on different topics and yet had no idea they were sharing the space. Not true of course but still fun office humor.

I think our nameless friend is feeling comfortable in this eclectic setting. Comfy couch, bean bag chairs, white board and super cool phone. What more could a moose/deer ask for?