Designing for the small screen @madhava #w2e

Designing for the Small Screen
Madhava Enros – @madhava

Fundamentals of Mobile design
Small screens, difficult to type, direct manipulation, many abilities, constant but interruptible connection

Mobile User is Mobile (devices are not mobile)
We need to understand how people are different when mobile
Users are:
– Mobile: Issues with using touch while
– Distractible: Users are not constantly engaged and can be distracted by environmental factors
– Available: You don’t want users to feel guilty for being away from your product
– Socailability: You can assume there will be more than one person involved
– Contextual: Need to design for contextual interaction

Design goals for a mobile Firefox
– Maximize screen space dedicated to content
– Minimize typing wherever possible
– Give primacy of interaction to finger-oriented touchscreen
– Support the quick lookup scenario
– Connect people to all their web-use

– Identifiable: People have a ‘relationship’ with their devices


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