Don’t Become a Digital Dinosaur @samathastarmer #w2e

Don't Become a Digital Dinosaur – Design for the Space Between

Samatha Starmer – @samathastarmer

Samantha puts together a pretty challenging approach to design by arguing the collision of offline and offline is unavoidable. Design can't just be focused on digital. The gap between digital and offline interaction should feel seem-less and pain-less. From the phone -> a person -> website, etc should feel tied together and cohesive.

Principles to consider are convenient, consistent, connected, contextual, cross time . 
Examples of convenience are Walgreens subscription refills via iPhone app and mobile airline boarding passes. 
Examples of consistency are Victoria's Secret between big brand and sub brands like Pink, Nordstrom winter theme. Examples of connected are Netflix across platforms/devices, Nordstrom fails with mismatched categories online vs store. 
Examples of contextual are Zillow w/15% bump on weekends, Home Depot nut/bolt measure or room measure.
Examples of across time are Alaska Airlines where the system went down, Egencia sent flight cancellation notices days after the travel day. The time can span years.

5 Methods
1. Think in terms of services – Example of John Fluevog shoe order to pick up locally which resulted in an incremntal sale.
2. Share the sandbox – Let people in, design, play.
3. Start walking – Engage with coworkers like marketing, catalogs, print campaigns, product people.
4. Comfort in discomfort – You don't have to be an expert. But look for opportunities to grow across disciplines. 
5. Why vs. What – Understand why the customer is buying what they are and for what purposes. 

5 Tools
1. Document – Could be notes or sketches or camera.
2. Experience Map – Visual representation of the customer experience so you can design the experience. 
3. Get behind the scenes
4. Tell a story – Made visual story tied to customer experiences.
5. Cross train – Get experience with other departments.

Are you using QR codes? Consistently? Through seasons?
They are experimenting with several options. Designing for context can be difficult and how the context can affect experience.

How are reviews integrated?
Don't know that brick & mortar that are using them effectively. The difficulty of integrating digital and physical stores and products is challenging.

Is the Fluevog process scalable? 
It was surprising. Ship their products from store rather than warehouse. They try to match up customers where they can. Not sure how scalable it could be but challenges from a technology perspective can be daunting.

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