Get Personal! #w2e

Get Personal!

Sanjay Vakil – TripAdvisor

Instant Personalization: Homepage
Cities from around the world friends have been to
Reviews that friends have written

Other pages display relevant content

10m/mo (US)
Decrease bounce rate
Increase page views
Increase in commerce

– <1% opt-out
– Few complaints in forums

Initial Thoughts
Excitement over being IP partner
40m reviews
Engaging interface
Property reviews

How many reviews can we actually show?
– Privacy Policy
– Are your friends members of TripAdvisor?
– How many of your friends have written reviews?

Equation #1
Your Users(Content)/Internet is approx 0

Hard UGC Numbers
Of 100 users, 10 will become members, 1 will generate content
Facebook users have about 200 friends
Chances are 1 or 2 have actually written a review

Personalization Pyramid
Property/Reviews -> Geo Reviews -> Reviews -> ? -> Clickstream

Equation #2
Engagement is proportional to the Content x Relevance
As you move further down the pyramid the value of the content decreases

What next?
Get More Content 
Stuff that is relevant to what people want to see
Cities I’ve Visited – Facebook app built in 2007
25M users
60 pins per user
1.4B pins
+ “profile” pins(see friends on the map)

Better CIV numbers
About 5% of FB profiles
Show frieds that have been to cities, good conversation starter with limited content

Equation #3
Weak content x your friends = good content

Don’t optimize for the top of the pyramid
Figure out how to stretch your data 
Find an ethical source of additional data

What does TA show when no data is available?
Never have dead space, use an ad to share content
Broaden content up the chain but not too far

The invite only program is it still invite only?
No idea, it is a FB program. Two roads, know someone or be a pretty serious property that they want to work with.

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