How mobile friendly is your website? #w2e

How mobile friendly is your website?
Melissa Clark – @melissaclark
Siteworx, Inc.

Presentation (PDF)

Mobile Landscape
Apps, Mobile web, SMS

Mobile Optimized Web
Critical to optimize the desktop experience for mobile devices
W3C “One Web”

Device Detection
Light Weight – HTML 5, CSS3
System Text – no text in images
Replace Flash
No pop-up, hovers or overlays
Mobile Capabilities – Maps, push to call, native keyboards, touch/gestures, home icon

Custom Mobile Web
Provide rich, custom design experience
Target larger audience than apps
Can look like native app
Better capabilities of managing content
Give access to desktop version
Touch device vs non-Touch
Does the CMS support mobile web?
Avoid creating a mobile channel that isn’t died into main content.

Devices – Networks – Browsers
Graceful degradation – Rich content/cutting edge but should have a simple version for less capable devices
Progressive Enhancement – Start with dated device with some additional features without degrading experience

Hardware costs are high and there is limited common features between devices

Use analytics to identify top 10 devices
Testing can be iterative after launch
Use emulators or test services
Mobile plugin’s should already be tested (CMS)


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