Lessons Learned from Launching Dozens of Brands on Twitter @marksilva & @ktvan #w2e

The Real Lessons Learned from Launching 24 Brands on Twitter

Mark Silva – @marksilva
Real Branding

Katie Van Domelen – @ktvan

– Premise for launching multiple brands on Twitter
– What we’ve done
– How it was done
– What we learned
– Conclusions

New medium, no fast rules, just guides
Proposed a content spectrum
Publishing <——————-> Participating
Search favors fresh content

Defining the spectrum
– Manage expectations while participating
– Manage resource requirements and risk-tolerance
– Find the right balance through experimentation

Publishing is controlled, time-released, syndication
Participation is real-time, socialization and needs editorial guidelines

Followers don’t necessarily want to interact with brands
Followers are not equal see: consumption vs contribution matrix
Brand Twitter Quitters stale/repetitive content, too much marketing, only joined for one time offer

Master Brand road map
Find the sweet spot for each brand & consumer
Listen, listen, listen (listened 6 mos in advance of launching)
Secure & set up accounts
Schedule 100s of tweets for each brand

Representative Brand Objectives
Baseline of scheduled tweets
Test resource levels (15 min/day or less)
Gather learnings insights for all brands
Est. best practices
Develop common tools across other platforms

What we’ve done
1. Set-up infrastructure
2. Conduct basic discovery
3. Inventory current asset inventory to create a plan
4. Use data to create a plan
5. Conduct training and craft rules (70% of the effort on training)
6. Measure

Master Checklist 
Brand Background Checklist 
Calendar Checklist
Marketing Checklist
Cohort Checklist

Insights from Twitter
Dozens of tweets in offering and requesting insights around
– Top 10 things your brand wants to know about its consumers
– Top 10 things your brand wants its consumers to know

Bringing along the Enterprise
Managing workflow across large matrix organizations
Phased Approach
Roles & Responsibilities

Phased Approach
Set up first then on to trial

Produced a program guide

Roles and Responsibilities
Brand, agency, PR, Ad agency, consumer svcs, legal, other

SMMS Editorial Workflow
SMMS Team Response Workflow

Ok, We launched. Now what?
Recruitment and likenomics

1. FB, newsletter, hashtag efforts
2. High conversion rate by following those that express brand love

Additional thoughts
Use lists
Reach out individually w/exclusive or advanced offers
Watch them for trends
Mine their lists for more people to follow

Integrate with email – like, tweet, favorite as well as follow/like links
Commercials, POS, print, etc.

What are the data points to measure? 
Must measure across accounts/brands.

Thousands of tweets later…
Many assumptions have held true
– People are already talking about brands
– Successful publishing or participating; engagement increases nearly every KPI

We continued to learn
– Emp/Dept are talking and eager to learn more
– Brands are sharing information, strategies and legal docs

Twitter has continued to change
– RTW is real
– Search effect is conclusive

Key Findings Overall
Participating brands significantly outperformed Publishing brands 10x more growth
– Content is essential to get followers but doesn’t work alone
– Active management the most valuable content rises to the top

Return on Twitter
37% agree they are more likely to purchase products from a brand after following on Twitter

– SM takes real commitment, effort, time and collaboration
– Ignore purists
– Both Publishing and Participating work
– SMO is the new SEO
– Likenomics is more than followers

Twitter How to Articles

Twitter Case Studies and General Articles

Subscribers, Fans and Followers

What do you do about poor social presence today?
If you weren’t that good the people that stuck around they will adjust and new people will come. Let it evolve.

Do you need to have a ratio of followers to following?
MS: Auto follow should apply to brands. The ratio mattered more in the early days.
KVD: Use lists to manage followers. 

How important is getting your brand verified?
MS: It is important right now, today. Using systems like CoTweet to help get setup. 

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