High Performance Mobile @souders #w2e

High Performance Mobile

Steve Souders – @souders

Market trends point to super-fast growth, companies are touting speed to consumers and people are tired of slow mobile experiences. 

Why is mobile so slow? Zero visibility. It is very difficult to see what is happening on mobile. 
– Blaze: http://blaze.io is a similar to webpagetest.org to get a view into iPhone and Android
– Pcapperf: monitors TCP traffic and converts it into a better view
– Jdrop: JSON in the cloud. Bookmarklets allow you to analyze content.

– Speed matters
– WPO 
– Faster Mobile
– Visibility into mobile

HTTP Archive is storing the content of how the web is and was built.
This is pretty cool and will hopefully be a way to help companies get on the WPO train.

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