Punctuated Equilibrium, Celestial Navigation and API’s @sramji @daniel_jacobson @michaelhart #w2e

Punctuated Equilibrium, Celestial Navigation and API's

Sam Ramji – @sramji
Dan Jacobson – @daniel_jacobson
Netflix (fmr. NPR)
Michael Hart – @michaelhart

<presentation here>

It is impossible to capture a Sam Ramji presentation in notes. The idea starts with evolution is not slow and gradual but precipitated by sudden change. Driving the change in the web points to Hardt's Theorem: The Internet Power Law. Suggesting 99:1 where 99% of the profits are being eaten by 1% of the companies. The concept of "Open API's" is going to vary by 1st party, Platform and Partner API's.

A 1st party access refers to allowing direct access to core business functions. (internal)

Partner is about enabling directed development of apps that extend your business model towards your business partners. (internal and approved vendors)

Platform is about enabling unknown developers to build brand new apps and business that will surprise and inform you. (external devs)

Navigational Aid
1. Establish Target Segments 
The core business already has KPI's. You have to tie the API's to the KPI's.
What is the market impact we need to create in order to succeed as a business?
What is the target segment need that we can get to today?
App sales
2. Engage Developer Channel
In-app purchases, affiliate loyalty, Ad spend, Market awareness of their offering
3. Set Industry Goal
traceable, end-to-end business processes, platform is different (scale, unexpected change)

Dan Jacobson provides some great details and practical knowledge of the API models used at Netflix.

Michael Hart talked about the cost/benefit of sharing data.
Optimize the delivery strategy, fewer queries.
Liberal retention policies. 
Push incremental updates.
Limited access to richer queries.
Two tools: OData and Freebase
Challenge to construct effective limits.
What data API's should your business be using?
FB, Foursquare, etc what you can consume

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