Delivering a better user experience every four weeks @camerondgray #w2e

Delivering a better user experience every four weeks

Cameron Gray – @camerondgray

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Agile Development is a response to Waterfall
Designers are removed from the customer in Waterfall, not psychic, design gets stale, design gets compromised

Agile is a conversation between design, dev and customers
Design can be tweaked throughout

You can't half-ass UX
Building the team around UX keeps it focusd
The complete experience is evaluated
UX involves many players
User lead design isn't viable, must be evaluated
Bad UX is a defect
External transparency are important

You can't half-ass Agile
Scrum which is a team based approach
At MF there are three teams with 20 devs worldwide four week sprint
In general keep the time but set a proper goal for your team
User stories define the work
Definition of done should evolve and review at each sprint
Retrospective after a sprint to evaluate how things went
Demo let's the team show off their work
Size should be small, 6-8
Internal transparency is important to show off new work company wide

Going full ass
Committed to incremental improvement
Constant dialog with customers to evaluate the experience that was promised
Design are able to evaluate
Planning poker helps bring dev/design together
Hallway usability test gets feedback from others as things evolve
Get something infront of customers at the end of each sprint

Agile will not 
make bad design good
make bad people better
improve communication
improve customer relationships
make stakeholders buy in
work for 'monolithic' projects
work well with contractors
improve consensus with the team
does not solve roadmap and design strategy
hangovers where projects are too big for the sprint
reduce polish, it can always be added later

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