Social Listening for Product Managers #SVPCAMP

Social Listening for Product Managers

Sudha Jamthe – @sujamthe
Stephanie Shum – @stephshum
Van Riper – @vanriper

Why social is a channel for product manager?
Web 2 got customers voice online, Meetups brought them together locally, Social echos feedback

Grassroots movement of tech customers helping each other
Meetups and User Groups

For non-tech
Interest groups
FB profiles

What is social listening?
1. Listen to your existing base
2. Listen on social channels
3. Global product listening

Listening to your existing base
Forums, Suggestion board, Webinars/chats, yahoo groups, google groups, linked in groups

Yahoo Group for Y! Mail
270 Million users 5-7 PMs on mail
Way to search for bugs or provide a response mechanism

LinkedIn for Mobile Group
PM is a community manager to engage conversation
Yahoo Suggestions (
Internal tool for customer feedback
Involve QA, Design, Engineer

Q: How do you categories and manage incoming questions?
A: Use Overtone to use text analysis. 

Q: How much time do you devote to this?
A: 1/2 day once a week. Bug bashes once a week.

Q: Do you have levels or different ways to collect feedback to respond to people?
A: Overtone, Customer Care has some tools. The forums work to help each other out.

Q: Is Yahoo! Classic Mail is going to be going away?
A: It’s classic. Will be supporting classic, or something similar for some time to come.

Q: How do you get a base of users if you don’t have a base?
A: Groups solutions are a way to get people together. Monitoring twitter, Facebook etc. Suggestions or even Overtone are for larger scale solutions.

Q: What happens next in the PM process?
A: Look at what the hot issues are and try to address those needs. Some times it requires further explanation and research to understand the core issues and problems.

Q: Who communicates back to users?
A: The whole team can and does respond. Specific bugs we deal with directly.

Q: Have you had a situation with nasty backlash? How do you deal with that?
A: We try to get them to get to the core issue. 
VR: Make sure you have guidelines. But these people are vocal and can be big supporters.

Listen on social channels
Social media for market analysis of features – See what people are saying about products in social channels
You can setup social listening for specific channels
PayPal includes transparency into the roadmap
Filter and get to one product at a time to get it to the right people
Streamlining social listening
– Tweetbytes: twitter chat using hashtag #tweetbytes
– PM and customer chat
– Metrics: # of feedbacks, # of new engaged customers, # of influencers engaged
Testing across multiple products @paypalx and @ebaydev

Q: Do you have an opinion on dashboards vs. individual monitoring?
A: Alterian SM2 and Radian6 are similar in dashboard views. The PM’s are given training to PMs to engage in social. Also, HootSuite or CoTweet to assign out to different people.

Q: Are you using social as a beta for new products?
A: Only on existing products. It could be but not right now.

Q: Do you use social for enterprise?
A: It should be effective, but you need to baseline to understand if they are in the channel.

Q: If Google is engineering focused and Yahoo is product driven, what is eBay?
A: Focused on eCommerce so customers make money.

Q: What is eBay’s perspective on social learning?
A: Probably a bit early for us. We are synthesizing the data.

Global product listening using user groups
Have a group to allow consumers of the Google product API’s to connect
These groups also provide data back into Google

Q: How do you interact with these people?
A: The groups are independent. There is a process to apply to be a group. There are admins and organizers for the groups. 

Q: What are common topics for the communications you send?
A: It is two way but it isn’t really marketing. Act more as an advocate.

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