An introduction to the +1 button #io2011 #publisher

Timothy Jordan @timothyjordan


What’s now: The +1 button on search
What next: The +1 button on your site
     Getting Started
     Advanced options
What’s Now

Looked at email, but time/thought heavy (high value, high effort)
Activity streams, matching is difficult (low value, low effort)

Low effort, high value
One click and that’s it
What’s Next
Button on the site confirms the recommendation
Organic, paid, your site

Getting Started
+1 button snippet
Simple script 
Simple HTML 5
Also have a configuration tool on the site
+1s are for URLs

It must be a public URL
URL determined by
     The href attribute
     <g:plusone href=“></g:plusone>

     The value of the link rel=cannonical
Data to optimize value
Search impact
Anonymous user data, unique users and geo

Social connections may increase CTR on paid and organic search listings
Search traffic is pre-qualified through personal recommendations
The +1 button on your site gives your users more opportunity to click

Straight forward and flexible



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