Android Market for Developers #io2011 #Android

Eric Chu (Android Developer Ecosystem)

Android Market
1. Customers
2. Distribution Tools
3. Merchandising
4. Monetization

400k device activations daily
Rapid growth in app consumption
8x more in 2010 over previous year and a half
Apps today exceed all of 2010 (May 11)
Country US 3x over 2010 and 18x globally (Korea, Japan, UK, Germany France)
60% of device activations are outside the US
Installs by OS Version Android 2.3 users download 2x over 2.1 and 2.2
Honeycomb install 2.5x 

Application Categories
Highest – Entertainment, Games, Tools, Books & Reference
Recent Installs – Games, Entertainment, Tools, Media & Video, Travel & Local, Transportation
Productivity is a top category since the beginning and growing in paid apps

Distribution Tools
Too Many Platform Versions?
2.1 & 2.2 make up 94% of install base
Partners committing to 18 month release schedule

Too many screen sizes?
Two sizes represent 93% of the volume

3D graphics?
90% of devices support OpenGL ES 2.0

Examples: Pulse News, Angry Birds, Gun Bros

Distribution Flexibility
Business targeting – countries, carriers
Capabilities targeting – platform versions, screen size/density, etc

Device Availability
based on application manifest
show all supported devices
published draft apps
option to exclude specific devices if needed
starting today

Multiple APK support
Multiple APK’s for specific segments – platform versions, screen sizes/densities, texture compression formats

Support for large apps
support up to 4gb
publish 50mb app package and up to two 2gb archives
android market hosting
market manages download and install of archives
available in june

AdMob integration
One-click entry to AdMob campaign setup from dev console

Application Stats and sales reporting
App stats
Monthly sales reporting

“just in” what about: promotion, viral marketing, update apps if need(really important to pay attention)
“trending” focus on apps that get lots of downloads in a short time
“top new paid & free”
“top paid & free”
“top grossing”
– localized by market
“users also viewed”
“users also installed”
“personal recommendations” in june
“editor’s choice” launching today
“top developer badge” launching today


One thought on “Android Market for Developers #io2011 #Android

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