Honeycomb Highlights #io2011 #Android

Romain Guy – @romainguy
Chet Haase – @chethaase

The Tablet Release
Tablet !=Phone
Screen size
More memory, faster CPU, multi-core
     – More pixels

User improvements
UI Improvements
Home screen, new ‘Holo’ theme
Text Selection
USB Device connectivity
Action bar, system bar
Recent apps

New and Improved Applications
     Movie Studio

New Widgets
More interactive
Books, Bookmarks, Gmail, Calendar

New API 
Renderscript used throughout and available for use in apps

Developer Improvements
Like mini-activities 
     The Android 3.0 Fragments API http://android-developers.blogspot.com
     Get ‘Android Compatibility package’
For flexible screen format situations
     landscape vs. portrait
     large vs. small

System Bar
Accessible from the lower left corner regardless of orientation
Notification tray details from lower right expands when tapped
ex: music controls popup

Always on system bar is a problem with full screen display (movies)
     lights out mode hides the buttons/notifications

Action Bar
The new ‘title’ bar
The icon can serve as a navigation button, ex: go back to ‘home screen’ in the application
Switch states in the app ex: gmail account swtich
Actions always on screen, or hidden in an overflow
Contextual action bar in green to perform multiple actions ex: gmail multi select to sort/delete, etc

Native code for fast graphics, computation
Platform independent
Syntax based on C99
Uses GPU, CPU, multi-core
Used in Books, YouTube, Live Wallpapers
     Jason Sams Renderscript Articles on the blog

Graphics Acceleration
OpenGL acceleration for most graphics operations
     Canvas.drawLine(), Canvas.drawBitmap()…
Used in Launcher, Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, YouTube, etc.

Animation Framework
New system built on “property animation”
     Any object, any property, any type
New properties on View
     alpha, translation X/Y, scale X/Y, rotation
Read Animation in Honeycomb on the blog

And Much, Much More…
Drag and drop
HTTP live streaming
Pluggable DRM framework
Encrypted storage
New/improved components
     DatePicker, NumberPicker, StackView, CalendarView…
     UI Builder, code completion, …
     Android Dev Tools preso Wed @ 3pm

More in Android 3.1
USB beyond keyboards
External camera support
Resizable widgets
Performance optimizations

The Future
Honeycomb was optimized for tablets
     But we’re working on brining the Honeycomb UI to phones

Romain’s blog: curious-creature.org



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