Scalable Structured Markup #io2011 #publisher

Timothy Jordan: @timothyjordan

Scalable Structured Markup – Putting more knowledge into your site

     Rich Snipets
     Site Maps

Rich Snippets

Markup types
1. RDF – good design, XML tradition, attribute maps of RDF to XHTML, difficult with nesting(parent > child entities

2. Microformats – easier to identify markup data in existing HTML
3. Microdata – general expression of entities like RDFa

Need to include itemscope outside of all included data
itemprop are properties of the item

DB -> Markup ->Google -> SERPs
It’s easy if the CMS drives the content pages

Directs Google on when/where to look at new data on the site

Introducing Sitemaps via PubSubHubbub
Sitemaps push to Google when changes happen on the site

Create a sitemap feed (RSS, mRSS and Atom 1.0)
Use a (PubSubHubbub) hub

Add the link to webmaster tools

Expect more rich snippet types
Include data in vertical searches

Markup is easy

     Dont add new data
     Just structure what’s already there
     Scaling is basic, only requires templating and filed-level db
Markup is good
     Rich snippets
     Vertical searches
Use site maps
     make sure Google knows about all your pages
     maks sure Google knows when your pages change


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