Review: Samsung Fascinate

I've been playing with the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon. The phone is running Android and just before sending it back I got the update for version 2.2 of the OS. In short this is one of the better Android phones I've played with. It makes the HTC Evo look tired and dated. Even the Motorola Atrix, which is a fine phone, seemed a bit bloated. The battery life was off the charts during my time with the phone. At a full charge I left the phone alone for a week and there was still juice left to make a call or browse a bit. I've yet to have a smartphone go so long between charges. This isn't a sacrifice made in weight either. The Fascinate is thinner than my iPhone 3G S and is noticeably lighter than any other smartphone I've test recently with the exception of the Aria. 

To be fair I did tinker with the phone a bit. I removed all of the widgets and I did not download a bunch of applications. I did leave wifi on and kept most everything else at the default settings. Next up was using the phone during a conference. I started day one with a full charge and frequently used the phone during the day to check the conference application and occasionally my personal email. By the end of the day the battery was a 50% and still chugging along. Meanwhile others at the conference were juicing up. Image via Mashable.

As Android phones go this is one was hard to send back. I didn't test the phone capabilities which is to say I didn't really care about making phone calls and there are plenty of other people that provide in-depth reviews of the full capabilities of the phone. In a sense I'm going to assume that since this is a Verizon phone the voice part of the phone is fine. I've been using the data on these things way more than voice anyway. 

Some of the complaints the reviewers above reference didn't affect me or weren't a deal breaker. However, they are valid points to consider. It should also ben mentioned that when flipping between smartphones reviewers often forget that if this is your first experience it is light years better than your old feature phone. I suspect most people that are just coming to Android would not find the issues above to be irritating in the same way.

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