Wishing for a better plan

I can't say that I have much faith in our politicians anyway but I can't for the life of me figure out how or why these guys are qualified to present a plan to fix our debt issues. I would have more confidence in Joe the used car dealer figuring out a solution than politicians. I'm sure these guys are smart and probably even have some chops when it comes to economics. I don't see how a self serving group of people can really ever strip out the political agenda from the equation. 

Would it not make more sense to get brilliant academic minds in finance, economics data analysis, tax specialists, savvy business leaders, etc. to write the proposal? I can imagine the proposal then going to a broader review before going to congress. The next problem would be that congress would take any brilliant proposal and water it down with trade-offs affecting the potential outcome. So the recommendation body would need to have some authority to lockdown certain parts of the proposal. 

It's a pipe dream and I fear the only way this is going to truly resolve itself is when we reach the bottom. Unfortunately I fear it will be too late. My generation has no concept of sacrifice for the greater good like the generations before us. We have never been through anything like the Great Depression. We have no idea the sacrifices made during the Wold Wars both in lives and resources. We have never had to wait in gas lines. If our country has proven anything in the last 200 years it is that we will meet a challenge head on. This debt problem is no different.

I'm confident that we are strong enough to handle it but our government has led us down a path where a shared sacrifice is not an option they want to consider. The fear that a decision to cut or eliminate programs will send us into a downward spiral is a self fulfilling policy only if you let it. Don't doubt our resolve.