Space Invaders Argyle Hoodie


It still amazes me that Space Invaders can appear on just about everything. This zip hoodie is pretty sweet. If only they made a version for tall people I'd probably get this thing. I'm almost afraid to search for anything specific or unusual because I bet it exists. 


Report: Altimeter Investigates Mobile Strategy for Retailers

The Altimeter Group has produced a new report, "Make an App for That: Mobile Strategies for Retailers" that focuses on Mobile Application strategy. Don't worry, this isn't an HTML 5 vs. Native app discussion. Chris Silva (@802dotchris) spearheads this research with Alan Weber and Jessica Groopman. The report focuses on three stages of mobile maturity in retail organizations which are: On the Ground, Hitting Turbulence and Flying High. 

Understanding the maturity of an organization is central so that change can be managed. In an effort to better asses where an organization fits the team developed and assessment can help identify pain points organizationally. On the Ground is not necessarily a bad thing since there is great opportunities to improve with reduced impact on the customer. I would argue that when an organization is hitting turbulence it can be more challenging than getting 'in the air'. For an organization to be "flying high" the mobile strategy must focus on solving customer pain but as the name implies a continual refinement and optimization is necessary to avoid turbulence. 

The report mentions the need to identify the goals of the mobile solution to "Enrich" or "Engage". This is what really makes a difference for the customer perception and engagement with the organization. Fortunately there are some examples of how the others have executed against the the enrich or engage model. Four sub-categories provide additional clarification for making sense of these concepts. 

This report from Altimeter will provide a good framework for an organizational strategy on mobile. I appreciate that Chris and team point out the need to solve customer pain points. Developing a strategy or plan that satisfies organizational goals is important but it must be aligned with customer needs. The reason we do what we do on websites is to make the lives of our customers as easy as we can. We'll never solve every pain point, but there are certainly many things we can do to make mobile a key tool for our customers use to interact with our organizations.

Disclaimer: I was a participant in this report.

Facebook and Mobile

There are no shortage of opinions and analysis on the impending Facebook IPO. The great thing about the S-1 is that people with a much higher tolerance for BS can sift through document and find the real stories. One of the stories that is found in the S-1 is the risk of mobile users.

In Altimeter analyst Chris Silva’s post, he points out that 425 Million Monthly Active Users (MAU) of Facebook are accessing Facebook primarily through mobile. For a company that generates revenue from display ads and games like Farmville that represents roughly half of the users and a significant challenge.

The growth on mobile could be faster than the web. This means that more and more people might choose mobile as their primary access point for Facebook rather than the full site. I suspect many of you would agree with this. My wife accesses the full site only when she has to modify a privacy setting that can’t be easily modified on mobile. I suspect many of you are the same way.

So what does this mean? It means if you are going to engage with your customers on social channels like Facebook you need to make certain those initiatives are mobile friendly inside the Facebook ecosphere and that traffic going to your site from Facebook has a mobile friendly view.

What do you think?