Facebook and Mobile

There are no shortage of opinions and analysis on the impending Facebook IPO. The great thing about the S-1 is that people with a much higher tolerance for BS can sift through document and find the real stories. One of the stories that is found in the S-1 is the risk of mobile users.

In Altimeter analyst Chris Silva’s post, he points out that 425 Million Monthly Active Users (MAU) of Facebook are accessing Facebook primarily through mobile. For a company that generates revenue from display ads and games like Farmville that represents roughly half of the users and a significant challenge.

The growth on mobile could be faster than the web. This means that more and more people might choose mobile as their primary access point for Facebook rather than the full site. I suspect many of you would agree with this. My wife accesses the full site only when she has to modify a privacy setting that can’t be easily modified on mobile. I suspect many of you are the same way.

So what does this mean? It means if you are going to engage with your customers on social channels like Facebook you need to make certain those initiatives are mobile friendly inside the Facebook ecosphere and that traffic going to your site from Facebook has a mobile friendly view.

What do you think?


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