The Saga Doesn’t End

I’m moving my blog posts from my Posterous site back to WordPress. I still think WordPress has too much stuff that I don’t want or need, but they made it too easy to come back. The reasons for moving back are simple, Posterous was purchased by Twitter. That left me with two things to consider. The bigger issue is the support for the product moving forward will likely diminish as Twitter devises their plans for the platform. The other thing that is less of an issue, but more of an annoyance, is that Twitter would have too much of my stuff.

I suppose this is more of a preference than a fundamental problem but I prefer not to invest too heavily in one entity. This has led to some convoluted workflows in the past, but I prefer that to the other. I tried going full force with Yahoo! back in the day. I setup accounts for just about every product they had. Anyone remember Briefcase? The main problem with this approach is that I felt limited. I had a harder time when it came to using the right tool for the job. After being limited by lacking product features I looked for tools that could do the job better. Since then, I’ve become less product loyal. I mean, who wants to be loyal to a company or product that has an attitude of, “It’s good enough for most users.”

The result is that I have accounts for products and services all over the place. So many I can’t keep track of them anymore. But I don’t like a company too up in my business.


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