Driving Traffic Using Mobile and Social #cokemobility

Driving Traffic Using Mobile and Social
Danielle Bottari & Jasen Kelly
Do you know anyone that does not have a mobile phone?
– Smartphone penetration leads to new avenues total mobile devices -262MM in the US
– Unprecedented m-commerce growth provides a platform for unique partnerships
Mobile is part of the entire booking/transaction cycle
Mobile path to purchase
– Pre-Shop: may/may not have awareness of product and research
– Shop: this is the purchase decision, in store, restaurant
– Buy: mCommerce and mobile experience does not work well with user
– Post-Shop: customer is sharing and conversing about the experience
Pre-Shop – Constant thirst for more information
– 59% search mobile while watching TV
– 47% search mobile while reading a magazine
– Example: Comcast and Philadelphia Inquirer Augmented Reality
– Example: Home plus display in Korea, Peapod is doing this with Giant
– Example: Walmart Avengers Video
– Example: Apple self checkout
– Example: Mobile dining
– Example: Band-Aid an AR app for kids to play with
– Example: Mobile/Social DeltaAssist (twitter)
– Example: Foursquare with recommendations
What’s next? Something BIG is coming
– NFC is coming paper, billboards, packaging, etc.
The media budget
– Mobile 1% ad spend while users spend 23% of their time
Truly connect with you customers
– know your shopper
– be authentic, transparent and responsive
– be consistent but no overpowering
– provide frictionless value

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