Inspiring Loyalty #cokemobility

Inspiring Loyalty

Doug Rozen – Communications, Design & Emerging Technologies
Back to the Future
The approach measuring emerging media is the same as 12 years ago.
1. The Rise of the Datarati
  • The consequences if you don’t use your data someone else will
  • if you don’t craft the offer right someone else will
  • remaining on the sidelines is not an option
  • Consumer data is the new currency of the digital world
Loyalty Management
  • The future is everything is changing
  • More emotional
  • Identify across the customer journey
  • Understand transactions and intera ctions
  • Influence
The challenge is connecting the dots
  • Google what you want
  • Foursquare where
  • Facebook what you like
  • Aimia know what you buy but not what you need
2. The Digital Loyalty Future
  • 67% of CMOs say top priority is enhancing loyalty
  • First deep engagement with consumers
  • Second that consumers enjoy easy access to benefits whenever
  • Third that consumers can trust a brand with intimate details for the long term
View of the future
Rational <- -> Emotional
High/low data control
  • offer anarchy: overexploited, deal-based behavior
  • pay to play: data is valuable where we trade with business
  • hunt for affinity: despite wealth of data, but isn’t used
  • real relationships: deep trust with consumers with a long term relationship
3. Taking Advantage of Tomorrow Today
Fundamental requirements
  • consumer comes first
  • their data is precious, valuable and sensitive
  • trust is crucial to gain consumer access
  • trust can only be buit with long term perspective
  • realize opportunities to exceed expectations
  • absolute restraint
First game mechanics
  • fosters deep interactions
  • rewards interactions, not just transactions
  • socializes
  • Example: Delta credit card signups for employees
  • Think outside the database
  • Turn the funnel into a loop
  • Examples: Maker’s Mark ambassador gives advocates a sense of ownership
mobile CRM
  • Mobilize relationship, not campaigns
  • part of the mix
  • fill the gaps
  • Example: My Coke Rewards tablets, mobile optimized registration vs. website, voice recognition
Create a nice virtuous cycle
More Information:
Customer segmentation report – SUN 22771
US Millennial Survey – BORN 22771


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