Many lightweight interactions over time #cokemobility

Many Lightweight Interactions Over Time

Paul Adams – Global Head of Brand Design
Social, Sharing
– In a few years we won’t see these words in the same way we do today
– It’s really people talking
Let’s talk about my marriage
– as an analogy for business
– don’t forget the big events, but that’s not the key – it’s the daily things that make the difference
We look for commonalities when we meet people
– lightweight conversations that build up overtime is how we become friends
– the same things can build relationships with brands
There are four undeniable monumental shifts happening
1. The web is being rebuilt around people
– at first printed materials put on the web and not social
– now the web is shaped around the consumption of content through friends, interests and friends interests (example: gift ideas link)
– the news with world, local but also news based on interests, friends and people like you
– TV very similar based on interests
Facebook stats
900 million active users
500 million a day
2. People live in networks
– The real world is crazy and chaotic
– humans are irrational
– people aren’t actors
– 4-6 different groups of friends family, university, cities lived in, hobbies
– influencers that are highly connected and spread messages widely is not true
– we are all influential in the proper context
– homopholy: people look for and associate people like ourselves
– you have 130 friends with around 8,000 friends which has 1,000,000 fridns
– Why, how, who, what???
– If you can help build relationships between people people
Most popular items last year
– Japan earthquake
– what teachers really wan to tell parents
– no your zodiac hasn’t changed
– parents don’t dress girls like tramps
– etc.
3. The amount of accessible information is increasing exponentially
– wikipedia has volumes more information than printed encyclopedias ever had
– information is increasing but our memory is not going to change
– humans are going to turn to friends for help
– No marketing or advertising is more interesting to people than their friends.
4. All this information will be everywhere
– mobile is very difficult to understand
– Ben Horowitz quote around the beginnings of the car
Facebook is a new type of creative canvas
– People applied the ways they work with existing media, to the new medium.
– People are applying the ways they work with existing media, to Facebook.
Many lightweight interactions over time

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