The Future of Engagement – Katie Elfering #cokemobility

The Future of Engagement
Katie Elfering – Sr Director, Consumer Strategist
Presentation (.pdf)
What is engagement?
– “… meaningful brand experience…” :wikipedia
– “sense of personal relevance..” – Blogger Jye Smith
– “I’ll be interested if you’ll be interesting” sounds simple and it can be
What does that look like?
– Old school cave paintings
– Today is phones, screens and tools
– It all comes back to story telling – quote from Dr. Pamela Rutledge
What does this mean?
– Consumers are never “not” shopping
– Consumers are expecting flow across platforms
– Relationships, with people and brands, are beginning to dictate the medium
– The flow of engagement follows the paths of least resistance
– But barriers arise when companies get in the way of storytelling
– Brands need to get out of the way of flow
– Example: Subaru First Car
Engagement today
– The need for shorter, faster, more empowered interaction is leading us from siloed slower updates to broader faster interactions
– Long form Blogs, yelp, facebook, twitter, tumblr, foursquare, instagram, pinterest
– Consumers use Curation (the how), Convenience (the where), Context (the why)
– We’re moving from collecting and aggregating to suggestions
– Empowerment and experience are leading to curation
– Things and experiences like pinterest and
– On Pinterest check out Jetsetter and Whole Foods
Curation: Implication
– Expands how we connect and share with brands
– Curation is active, not passive
– Push and pull has to start somewhere and should leverage other social experiences
Convenience: Evolution of Values
– access and flexibility having things with you
– simplicity and innovation are leading to convenience
– we don’t necessary have to have everything with you
– example: MOTOACTV and’s paperboy it fits behavior and situations
– example: TGI Fridays app to pay at the table and Manhattan Cocktail Classic’s NFC Bracelets
Convenience: Impications
– successful forms are simple, social and interactively getting to the interesting part of the story
– people have developed an ‘intimacy of speed’ with their smartphones, dictating that if it doesn’t deliver relevancy in seconds or it has no chance
Context: Evolution of Values
– Community, discovery and connections
– then convergence and relationship lead to context
– context for things like Twitter or Foursquare
– example: trover (hidden gems) and localscope (geotagged on social)
– example: travelreads (partner with VirginAtlantic) and Time to Enjoy
Context: Implications
– developing expectations for time, context and location-aware interactions
– brand can’t push
– demand is there for context looking for the right tool, screen
Engagement Tomorrow
– Serendipity (where), Personalization (why), Discovery (how)
– brands will not be able to get everything right, all the time
– examples: placeme (background tracking), habu music (mood based playlist), Small Demons (book content/wiki)
Key Takeaways
– Engagement starts with the story, not the platform
– When delivering, remind consumers of why you chose this time, context and location
– Convenience is a balance between frictionless sharing and contextual relevancy
– Push and pull with consumers to discover and curate the right engagement
– Curation and relevancy require personal data. Be clear about the how, what and why

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