The Promise of Mobile #cokemobility

The Promise of Mobile

John Ross – CEO
Shopper Sciences
What is the consumer choice like when making a decision?
All about speed
– speed of adoption is accelerating
– we can surmise the next big thing will probably take only 3 years to reach 50% penetration in the US
– shoppers are learning to shop with mobile assistance
– 75% of shoppers will be using their phones when shopping
Marketers are obsessed with mobile
– Plans for mobile budgets are increasing
What marketers want vs. what shoppers are asking for
– Retail 3.0 manufactures used to have the power then retails took over and retails would control the environement
– now retails do not have the same level of information as the shopper
What shoppers do first on mobile
– researching
– price comparison and search
– 66% never think to use their phone in-store
– 28% checked prices while shopping
– 21% scanned an item or QR code
– 5% said QR code was worth their time
– Example: hotel showed food prep in kitchen at restaurant
– Example: chickens that were raised with history
– Example: Fooducate small group of people tracking food products
64% of shoppers see digital/mobile as useful in the shopping experience
1. Build a mobility plan NOW
2. Review your operations policies. Are your stores ready for digitally powered shoppers?
3. Don’t wait for perfect solutions – learn and even fail now before it’s too late.
4. Build functionality shoppers want.
5. Key mobility filter: what can the mobile device do that a regular package/sign/ad can’t
6. Avoid gimmickery

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