Moving Money for Better: Connecting with Consumers when & when receptive #cokemobility

Moving Money for Better: Connecting with Consumers when & when receptive.

Laston Charriez
Senior Vice President of Marketing North America, Western Union
Presentation (.pdf)

Fundamentals Summary

  • Tell great stories
  • Listent to your audience
  • create value
  • Create exciting offers through entertainment
  • Be witty
  • Be experimental
  • Be human

Sal de uvas Picot – Antacid
Mexican brand, quicker to dissolve and better tasting used TV to grow brand

needed to get people to try it, no more mr. whipple “don’t squeeze the charmin”
52M reached via portable bathrooms, $200M increase
SitOrSquat app
Times Square trial Nov-Jan

Sara Lee Deli
Small budget $70K – went to Second City and had comedians make three videos
64K fans in 20 days, 3.5M on web

Experiment=Coupons work
average redemption rate – 1%-2% redemption
increased 25% with big plastic coupon but wanted 39%

Western Union – The Landscape is Unprecedented
$90B market in money sharing
$454B market opportunity

Census Data helps for targeting
Fastest growing market is US to US

Innovate or die
identify where they are on presence and capabilities
Dashboard to show gaps or opportunities
catch -> connect -> close -> continue

using Social Referral Marketing
81% coupon use rate on Jimmie Dean campaign by using a tell a friend option with additional benefits

Western Union needed something similar – Thanks-A-Thousand Sweeps

  • Hand curated targeting
  • Referrals generate positive engagement

40 days after launch
85% enter the sweeps
email open rates at 23%
CTR for social is 43%


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