The Generations: New Ways to Drive Transactions #cokemobility

The Generations: New Ways to Drive Transactions

Amy Drill
SVP, Human Experience Strategy
Presentation (.pdf)

What IS a Generation?

  • …living at about the same time
  • tem of years, roughly 30…
  • individuals…with similar ideas, problems, attitudes, etc.
  • individuals belonging to a specific “class” at the same time


  • Generations living at the same time: Humans Now
  • Generations by age: Teens, millennials
  • Generations who share a common interest
  • Mobile Givens

Mobile Givens

  • We’ve all adopted mobile
  • Everyone connects, consumes, navigates
  • Teens text alot and check-in alot
  • Millenials are app-obsessed

Our similarities: 3 behavior drivers

  • FOMO: fear of missing out
  • Last bar
  • Payout

Consumer behavior
Devices – always changing
Usage – always changing
Loyalty – not changing as much

Emotions Saturate Human Decisions
Context – informed, entertained, aspire, identify

Generations by age: Teens, Millenials

  • Teens 12-17 22 million
  • Millenials 18-34 80 million
  • Gen X moms 35-47 40 million

Teens and their phones – breathing, getting away from parents, hanging out
– Apps for fun: mouth app, mustache, when you’re older
– Apps for shoping: amazon, foursquare, old navy, seventeen fashion finder, red laser, spotify
– meaningful: fun, game, cool
– Conversation -> connection ->currency
– Your value proposition in THEIR context

Millenials & their devices
– in the know, social access, social calendar
– effective are opt-in SMS and m-coupons
– Mobile videos have exploded
– don’t want jobs, but careers

– Meetup, Kickstarter
– their context is around content
– they want to be served

Mom Generations
– Calendar Operations Officer (COO)
– holistic providers
– responds to seamlessness
– never shopping solo

Re-imagine: What you know
– customers as generations food trucks, waze, chill, timeline, kickstarter, klout
– precision cultivation connections, communities, stories


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