The View from Above: How Mobile and Social Media are Changing the Internet #cokemobility

The View from Above: How Mobile and Social Media are Changing the Internet

Jordon Rohan – Managing Director
Stifel Nicolaus
Presentation (.pdf)


  • Google loosing centrality from 2005 through 2012 where there is more parity Apple, Amazon, social, etc. Data is the battleground
  • 2005 conversion search -> landing page -> shopping cart -> conversion/confirmation
  • 2015 landing page -> social, pinterest, in-store, WOM, etc -> conversion/confirmation
  • Some categories more “click-addicted” than others (travel $1.95 @ 6.8%)


  • Monetization are difficult. clicks aren’t a great metric, targeting requires “big data”, hard to express large budgets in mobile
  •  2 different problems to solve 1. Tablets are different than handsets and 2. coupons/authentication with handsets good for in-store conversion and loyalty


  • Clicks are not a great metric, nor are friends/likes the “ecosystem” is still click addicted
  • Targeting requires “big data”, due to social graph and privacy
  • Hard to express large budgets in social today
  • Kenshoo CTR on FB: post ad .07%, sponsored story .07%, web ad .03%, .04% social ad
  • Social display ad is 27.7% via comScore
  • Social vs. Search on social is .07% and 20% for search (paid)
  • Sponsored stories – app share .18%, app used 60.39%, like 77.25%, post like 15.71%

Wall Street Views

  • Groupon $5B, FB $65B, Google $140B
  • Facebook uncertainty mobile, revenue via ad/payment, payment growth,  penetration, valuation, revenue growth

What we like

  • Social media needs mobile, but mobile is “just fine, thank you”
  • Companies that figure out mobile and social: pandora, zillow, apple, google
  • Intermediares buddy media, radium one, clear spring
  • International alibaba, fifty on
  • Payments paypal, square

Not so much

  • Daily deals, flash sales
  • ad networks disguised as something else
  • companies based entirely on email
  • High CPM web 1.0 companies

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