Google I/O 2012 – Keynote

Google I/O 2012 – Keynote
Vic G. – Senior VP Engineering

Hugo Barra – Director of Product Mangement
Last year – Momentum, mobile & more
This year – Same themes
– Activations for 2011: 100M devices || 2012 400M devices
– Daily 1M activations 12 devices/sec
– Android 4.1 Jellybean simple, beautiful and really smart
1. Project Butter:
Dave Burke – Engineering Director
VSYNC: Fast and fluid interface to use 60fps
triple buffering in pipeline with better rendering framework
Touch responsiveness with predictive touch
Touch input boost to provide faster ramp up to start from sleep
Systrace to debug delays in development

2. Interface
– Dynamic screen redraw for apps and widgets
– Better keyboard learning
– predicting next word typing
– offline voice typing
– new input languages
– Accessibility gesture mode with touch/swipe gestures better i/o device support via bluetooth
– camera includes better review photos faster
– Android beam to share via NFC tapping includes photo/video and pair phone by tapping
– Notifications have more info that is actionable via the notification center email, calendar, calls, etc

2. Google Search
– New UI: Knowledge Graph: Cards with contextual relevant information
– Faster/better voice search: Siri type response with cards of information, less robotic sound
– Google Now: Transit with time sensitive information, Places with relevant information while you move, Appointments with transit information, Flight status notifications, Sports with team scores, Flights with currency, translation and time back home

OTA updates mid-July
SDK available today
PDK Platform Developer Kit with source code and low level API for hardware partners 2-3 months before major updates

Chris Yerga –
Google Play
– 600K apps and games
– 20B app installs
– 190 countries, 132 countries for paid apps and 50% of apps revenue is from in app billing

– Subscriptions
– Carrier billing
– developer metrics

App encryption in Jellybean
Smart updates that update the app with the parts that have changes should be about 1/3 the size for app updates, updated automatically by Google
C2DM with cloud to device messaging with Cloud Messaging – free, no quota limits

Books, Music and books
– Movie purchasing in addition to rentals
– Purchase episodes or shows for TV content
– Magazines with single issues and subscriptions with 14day trials

– ASUS built the Nexus 7
– 1280 x 800 HD display
– Tegra 3 with quad core CPU and 12 core GPU
– Front facing camera
– wifi, bluetooth, nfc
– up to 9hours video playback
– 340 grams

– Google Play Overview
With a recommendation engine, Shazam like song finder
Chrome is the standard browser
Maps with more information and data with inside views, compass mode with gyro, offline maps
Currents – looks like a Flipboard/Pulse style app, with translate feature
Games with 3D look great
$199 with $25 credit to Google Play and some free content
Ships in Mid-July

Project Tungsten
Joe Britt & Matt Hershenson
The Nexus Q
Plugs into TV and speakers to stream music & video the content is streamed directly from the cloud
Amp included
Social sharing with dynamic playlist generation
Movie playback like Netflix style
$299 with pre-order today and shipping in July

Google +
Turns 1 tomorrow
1. Social spine
– one seamless experience 250M Google+, 150M monthly actives, 50% daily sign ins
– mobile has been a big driver, more on mobile than desktop
– today announcing native tablet application with better streaming, hangouts is integrated

2. Google+ Events
– current tools don’t keep up with the event during and after
– before: Invite with theme invites, manage details via Google Calendar
– during: live slideshows and party mode
– after: see everyone’s photos have guests upload photos via email notifications and organized in chronological order

Google Glass – Demo
– camera, speaker, camera, gyro, accelerometer, compass, plenty of processor and RAM, and radios
– design was to allow interactions without distracting from the real world, weight must be light
– communication via images is a key use case
– quick access to information
Why showing this here?
– it’s compelling
– it’s something that can be shown
– Glass Explorer Edition (developer pre-order)

Android Developer Pack
– Galaxy Nexus Phone
– Nexus Tablet
– Nexus Q


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