Apps that love each other with Web Intents

Apps that love each other with Web Intents
James Hawkins
Paul Kinlan @Paul_Kinlan

There is no way to understand the capabilities of applications.
Moving an image into an app example: attaching a Flickr image to Gmail
The process for sharing an image is complex, if easy for users, but should be much easier

What would a solution look like?
– client-side first (browser to browser)
– user needs to set/define tasks
– example is Android sharing

Web Intents
– A client-side framework that allows users to use their preferred appications
– example:
– user requests a list of services that and upload an image

How to build a service
– Tell the web what you can do
– Handle incoming data
– Need to have documentation if it falls outside existing calls
– is using nouns
– same origin is required

How to build a client
– construct an intent object

Duplex communication
– you need to be able to send data to another service AND receive data back

Handling large data
– use transferables

Explicit intents
– for targeted tasks

Service suggestions
– provide suggestions of services that can handle the action
– prevents an empty picker for the user

Closing thoughts
– Give users choice
– Make it super easy for developers
– “Do for apps what links did for the web.” Greg Billock


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