Get more from the Google+ Platform

Get more from the Google+ Platform
Timothy Jordan – Sr. Developer Advocate

– plugins +1 button, share button, badge
– recommendations on the +1 button (new)

– Google + page, link from your site, drive from ads
Google + page: “website” is a signal to Google
Badge relates + content to the page and full site
AdWords – allows social annotations 5-10% increase in CTR

– applications can be written on Hangouts
– 10 way video chat, data channels for collaboration, media effects

Google + History API
– part of users history, optional for users to share if they want
– set up applications, authorize the user, write moments
– type, target URL and result(optional)
– Fetch moments (microdata markup via

– sign in button with Google+ (initiates the OAuth flow)
– widgets
– history

Structured Markup – adds intelligence to your pages
2. open graph
3. meta – only title & description
4. best guess

– it should be faster over time
– new optimized layout for scripts and button placement

User Experience
– prominence will allow for more clicks (higher up on the page)
– grouping: put the services together so users can find everything
– can put the border around content being shared (it’s an example to signify the share)
– the ability to provide recommendations at the time of +1/sharing are possible

– Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
– Custom analytics using the “callback” for the +1 button
– can show +1, reshares and comments


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