Google I/O 2012: Keynote Day 2

Vic Gondotra

Over 13.700 photos contributed to the Event photos with Google+

Google Chrome
Sundar Pichai – SVP Chrome & Apps

Chrome for Android
Google Drive
Samsung Chromebooks

2.3B users worldwide
20B network connections in 10 years, mobile is the future for web
Chrome today 310 Active users of Google Chrome Browser
– 60B words typed in chrome
– 1TB downloaded

Since launch one desktop computer has been divided across devices

Brian Rakowski – VP Chrome
Demo – Chrome across devices with history/tabs, background loading
iPhone/iPad – with Chrome
Credentials are synced across devices too

2004 – Gmail 425 active users (monthly active)
2012 – Google Drive
Home and Work for Google Apps
– 45 States, 66 of top 100 universities, 5M businesses
– Going Google video
Google Drive 10M users

Clay Bavor
Director of Product Management, Apps
Drive available on iOS and Chrome OS
– browse files
– images use optical character recognition (Evernote) not just text but images
– sharing and collaboration
– ChomeOS is the cloud filesystem
– syned across devices
– editing works offline in Google Docs (presentations and spreedsheets coming soon)

Google Drive SDK
– allows 3rd party apps
– developers are seeing better engagement with users that use Drive

– OS updates every 6 weeks
– Next gen chromebooks faster (3x), app centric interface, cloud app ecosystem
– The (always) new computer
– available in BestBuy

Urs Holzle
SVP Technical Infrastructure
Computing without limits
2008 – App Engine launched over 1M apps, 7.5B hits, 2T DataStore operations/month
– 24K requests/sec for one app without impacting other App Engine users
Google Compute Engine
– Uses linux VM at scale
– Example: Institute for Systems Biology
– Scale, Performance, Value
– Infrastructure as a service (IAAS?)

Games on Chrome
– Games push the platform
– Google worked on developing necessary APIs
– always available, authentic apps experience, device access
– Cirqe Du Soleil – movi kanti revo
– Samsung Chromebox

Glass Demo part 2
– walking through how they did the demo


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