Playing with Patters – Designing for Android

Playing with Patterns
Marco Paglia – Android Interaction Designer

The Android style guide is an important resource to help users perform similar tasks across applications. It’s also important to have something special and unique.

Unique and Beautiful but is consistent and usable.

Eric Burke
– 1st app was released same day as iOS
– skewmorphic design (leather wallet) but the interaction was a problem
– update was streamlined, light colors and uses Android design guides
– significant reduction in taps
– auto-tab opens tabs while you walk around
– cards is a new feature to share in the UI
– images are in all sizes and shapes with compositing. the server does this on the fly
– launcher shortcuts to favorite merchants to add icon to homescreen
– notifications, can leave a tip later
– sharing is important for the service
– consistent look on any Android ActionBarSherlock

Michael Novak
Guenther Beyer

Application lets you follow an artist to notify you when artists are in town.
– Branding
– limiting color implications so they aren’t fighting over each other.
-Typography: early was all over and not consistent; now using Roboto completely
– Dashboard: phones was button/icon and the tablet also has some additional content
– ViewPager to help with displaying content
– Location took quite awhile to figure out; ended up using the GPS to pull content nearby and added favorites
– Empty screens: handled issues with better display so it isn’t just empty, actions on screen when relevant
– Notifications: when the app is updated the notifications populates to show new stuff
– Be polite: use vibrate notice when listening to music
– Event details: was boring and text heavy, now bigger pictures
– Artist details: needed to get more excitement around upcoming events


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