Advancing Accessibility for the Web

Advancing Accessibility for the Web
Charles Chen, Dominic Mazzoni, Rachel Shearer

New tools, techniques and APIs to improve webapps

Testing Tools
– Many web apps are not fundamentally inaccessible in design
– Simple errors can cause big problems for users
– Existing tools didn’t meet needs
– Accessibility developer tools for chrome (extension) the tool shows most simple errors
– ChromeVox (extension) as a screenreader would like JAWS

Advanced Screen Reader Accessibility
– Custom user interfaces and ARIA
– demo of rating widget using keyboard controls (behaves like a slider)
– custom list boxes and controls that could go beyond what it may have been intended for
– Text Editors, Google Docs is custom, can you make it work with accessible tools?
– yes, make it focusable, give it a role=textbox, use native cursor/selection
– ChromeVox made some changes to allow “textbox” to work the same as contenteditable
– terminal emulator
– Shell app to allow for the terminal

ChromeVox Extensions
– How can you make the experience easier for frequent users
– ChomeVox APIs are chrome extensions
– rearrange content with additional rules to help the user
– Example: PlusVox for Google Plus

APIs for low vision and speech
– General purpose APIs that can be used for accessibility
– CSS3 Filter Effects W3C standard, apply color to everything
demo: inverting text on the page, can also remove images so photos stay
extension: High Contrast
– Chrome speech recognition extension API
– adds speech input to forms
– Chrome Text-Speech(TTS) API
–  Chrome TTS Engine API
– request to server and stream, pur JS using HTML5, preferred though is native client


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