Tech Trends 2014

Interesting overview of hot topics that appear on the tech landscape as we head into 2014. I love the thought behind this collection. I think several of these are going to see some real traction this year. It’s going to be interesting to watch how the market shifts focus and attitudes. 


Video From Space? Yes, please.

Dameisha Beach in Shenzhen, China

Thanks to Gizmodo I chased a rabbit down a long, dark hole. Years ago when Google integrated the satellite view into maps the world instantly felt much smaller and more accessible than ever. Later the “bird’s eye view” became an interesting view as planes would criss cross the sky and photograph cities. But I’ve always wondered when we would have a video feed from space at our disposal. I think of the scene in the movie “Patriot Games” where the raid is carried out in the desert and they watch live via a feed.

I’m sure that there are business cases for the use of HD Video from space and no doubt the cost implications are such that this is only going to be available to those with deep pockets. Perhaps one day we will have live video showing traffic issues and we can understand the situation better than a dark red line on a map. The possibilities are exciting.