Action-Oriented Analytics

Notes from Bottle Rocket Apps 2013 Client Summit (unedited)

Action-Oriented Analytics

  • Outlook 2013
    • 2.6B events per day
    • 1.3B smartphone/tablet devices (estimate)
    • 2-5 Billions potential smart device owners
    • Upside, is dropping prices, replacement for computers
    • China is the largest smart device users in the world as of Feb
    • Media, shopping and productivity are increasing at an increased rate
    • Loyalty by app category
      • travel low frequency and 45% retention over 90 days
    • Tablet vs. Phone
      • Phone are good for in/out, tablet is leaning back to consume
    • Apps use about 120 minutes per day
    • App usage during Super Bowl
  • Measure your audience & pinpoint the actions that matter
    • Starts by tracking events
    • Add parameters to get further detail
    • User flow through the application
    • Create funnels
  • Identify your most valuable users
    • segment the audience
      • demographics or persona
    • understand and track users
      • monetize users that don’t spend
    • daypart segments
  • Acquire and monetize users
    • cross promote
    • user acquisition through ads
  • Wash, rinse, repeat

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