Going Beyond Basic Push

Notes from Bottle Rocket Apps 2013 Client Summit (unedited)

Going beyond basic push by @ekrobi

  • 4B notifications/month
  • 1B active installs
  • 65K active developers
  • Personalization is key and inherent as part of the application and device experience
  • Average lifespan of an app is 1 month
  • Enhance your customers lives
    • Walgreens example of using camera to register prescription and remind people
  • Winning strategies
    • broadcast notifications
      • every user simultaneously
      • ex: update app, breaking news, sports scores
    • segmentation and targeting
      • Right person, right time, right message
      • preference center to tell what type of alerts
        • SoundTracking (email or push)
        • Rou la La (how far in advance? sound?)
        • Discovery News (top, earth, space, etc.)
        • 106 & Park
        • CoffeeTable asks users what they care about and delivers to users that want it
      • in app behaviors, define key actions, in the funnel
    • personalization
      • Deliver every user a message that speaks directly to them
        • airbnb – communication between the owner and customers
    • geo-targetting
      • Know where your customers live, work and play
        • where they are, where they’ve been
        • London 10M location pushes sent, 60% opt-in, 10X higher response rate
        • ABC News district segments, relevant and timely data
    • rich push
      • Message center inside the app
        • Onavo – 30% increase in social share
        • drive landing page content
        • 2-Bitbub companion to ParaNorman
        • Starbucks with music and information
  • Mobile relationship management best practices
    • Push is marketing – Rue lala
    • Mobile everywhere – adoption, sharing, opt-in
    • Measure & Optimize for your goals
    • Interruption better be good
    • Mobile is still emerging
      • 2013 predictions
        • Mobile in everyday life
        • big data convert to actionable data
        • mobile payment/commerce
        • privacy – you’re collecting data use it smartly
        • tablet/smartphone separation what do you do different

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