Going Beyond Basic Push

Notes from Bottle Rocket Apps 2013 Client Summit (unedited)

Going beyond basic push by @ekrobi

  • 4B notifications/month
  • 1B active installs
  • 65K active developers
  • Personalization is key and inherent as part of the application and device experience
  • Average lifespan of an app is 1 month
  • Enhance your customers lives
    • Walgreens example of using camera to register prescription and remind people
  • Winning strategies
    • broadcast notifications
      • every user simultaneously
      • ex: update app, breaking news, sports scores
    • segmentation and targeting
      • Right person, right time, right message
      • preference center to tell what type of alerts
        • SoundTracking (email or push)
        • Rou la La (how far in advance? sound?)
        • Discovery News (top, earth, space, etc.)
        • 106 & Park
        • CoffeeTable asks users what they care about and delivers to users that want it
      • in app behaviors, define key actions, in the funnel
    • personalization
      • Deliver every user a message that speaks directly to them
        • airbnb – communication between the owner and customers
    • geo-targetting
      • Know where your customers live, work and play
        • where they are, where they’ve been
        • London 10M location pushes sent, 60% opt-in, 10X higher response rate
        • ABC News district segments, relevant and timely data
    • rich push
      • Message center inside the app
        • Onavo – 30% increase in social share
        • drive landing page content
        • 2-Bitbub companion to ParaNorman
        • Starbucks with music and information
  • Mobile relationship management best practices
    • Push is marketing – Rue lala
    • Mobile everywhere – adoption, sharing, opt-in
    • Measure & Optimize for your goals
    • Interruption better be good
    • Mobile is still emerging
      • 2013 predictions
        • Mobile in everyday life
        • big data convert to actionable data
        • mobile payment/commerce
        • privacy – you’re collecting data use it smartly
        • tablet/smartphone separation what do you do different

Action-Oriented Analytics

Notes from Bottle Rocket Apps 2013 Client Summit (unedited)

Action-Oriented Analytics

  • Outlook 2013
    • 2.6B events per day
    • 1.3B smartphone/tablet devices (estimate)
    • 2-5 Billions potential smart device owners
    • Upside, is dropping prices, replacement for computers
    • China is the largest smart device users in the world as of Feb
    • Media, shopping and productivity are increasing at an increased rate
    • Loyalty by app category
      • travel low frequency and 45% retention over 90 days
    • Tablet vs. Phone
      • Phone are good for in/out, tablet is leaning back to consume
    • Apps use about 120 minutes per day
    • App usage during Super Bowl
  • Measure your audience & pinpoint the actions that matter
    • Starts by tracking events
    • Add parameters to get further detail
    • User flow through the application
    • Create funnels
  • Identify your most valuable users
    • segment the audience
      • demographics or persona
    • understand and track users
      • monetize users that don’t spend
    • daypart segments
  • Acquire and monetize users
    • cross promote
    • user acquisition through ads
  • Wash, rinse, repeat

The Path From Mobile Engagement to Monetization

Notes from Bottle Rocket Apps 2013 Client Summit (unedited)

The path from mobile engagement to monetization

  • The first date
    • Initial impressions are extremely important to mobile users
  • Meet the friends
    • use the graph to learn behaviors and trends
    • social engagement varies by channel diff b/w FB and Twitter
    • what are the triggers for opening the app
  • Getting serious
    • shared experience – what are you going to do inside the app to tell their friends
  • Finding the fun (gamification)
  • Reminding them you care (incentives & notifications)
    • not intrusive, but still need to find ways to get users engaged
  • Cashing in
    • Virtual achievements for real world items
  • The big day (monetization)
    • has to be relevant
    • ads are not settled yet

Twitter – Building Social/Mobile Experiences with Twitter

Notes from Bottle Rocket Apps 2013 Client Summit (unedited)

Twitter – Building social mobile experiences with Twitter

  • Introduction
    • Gartner study huge opportunity for free app downloads
    • Social users on mobile
      • 53% followed link to web
      • 53% read post from brand/org/event
      • 33% collected a coupon
  • What is Twitter?
    • 2012.twitter.com (visify in Portland)
    • Growth 400M unique/200M active/400M tweets per day
    • Global townsquare
    • Mobile since inception
      • 60% access via mobile
      • 40% quarter over quarter growth
    • Identy
      • Twitter for Web
      • Cards
      • API – Rest, Stream, Search
    • Key things
      • 1. Drive downloads
      • 2. Drive engagement
  • Twitter in Mobile apps: Identity, Social Signal, Distribution Channel
    • Identity – Namesspace
      • single sign on
      • cheap
    • Social Signal – Realtime interests
      • Personalization
      • Distribution for content into the network
      • Share and discover
    • Marketing
      • Get users engaged
      • Plan ahead, build buzz and drive “tune-in”
  • Planning a successful app launch with Twitter

Playing with Patters – Designing for Android

Playing with Patterns
Marco Paglia – Android Interaction Designer

The Android style guide is an important resource to help users perform similar tasks across applications. It’s also important to have something special and unique.

Unique and Beautiful but is consistent and usable.

Eric Burke
– 1st app was released same day as iOS
– skewmorphic design (leather wallet) but the interaction was a problem
– update was streamlined, light colors and uses Android design guides
– significant reduction in taps
– auto-tab opens tabs while you walk around
– cards is a new feature to share in the UI
– images are in all sizes and shapes with compositing. the server does this on the fly
– launcher shortcuts to favorite merchants to add icon to homescreen
– notifications, can leave a tip later
– sharing is important for the service
– consistent look on any Android ActionBarSherlock

Michael Novak
Guenther Beyer

Application lets you follow an artist to notify you when artists are in town.
– Branding
– limiting color implications so they aren’t fighting over each other.
-Typography: early was all over and not consistent; now using Roboto completely
– Dashboard: phones was button/icon and the tablet also has some additional content
– ViewPager to help with displaying content
– Location took quite awhile to figure out; ended up using the GPS to pull content nearby and added favorites
– Empty screens: handled issues with better display so it isn’t just empty, actions on screen when relevant
– Notifications: when the app is updated the notifications populates to show new stuff
– Be polite: use vibrate notice when listening to music
– Event details: was boring and text heavy, now bigger pictures
– Artist details: needed to get more excitement around upcoming events

Advancing Accessibility for the Web

Advancing Accessibility for the Web
Charles Chen, Dominic Mazzoni, Rachel Shearer

New tools, techniques and APIs to improve webapps

Testing Tools
– Many web apps are not fundamentally inaccessible in design
– Simple errors can cause big problems for users
– Existing tools didn’t meet needs
– Accessibility developer tools for chrome (extension) the tool shows most simple errors
– ChromeVox (extension) as a screenreader would like JAWS

Advanced Screen Reader Accessibility
– Custom user interfaces and ARIA
– demo of rating widget using keyboard controls (behaves like a slider)
– custom list boxes and controls that could go beyond what it may have been intended for
– Text Editors, Google Docs is custom, can you make it work with accessible tools?
– yes, make it focusable, give it a role=textbox, use native cursor/selection
– ChromeVox made some changes to allow “textbox” to work the same as contenteditable
– terminal emulator
– Shell app to allow for the terminal

ChromeVox Extensions
– How can you make the experience easier for frequent users
– ChomeVox APIs are chrome extensions
– rearrange content with additional rules to help the user
– Example: PlusVox for Google Plus

APIs for low vision and speech
– General purpose APIs that can be used for accessibility
– CSS3 Filter Effects W3C standard, apply color to everything
demo: inverting text on the page, can also remove images so photos stay
extension: High Contrast
– Chrome speech recognition extension API
– adds speech input to forms
– Chrome Text-Speech(TTS) API
–  Chrome TTS Engine API
– request to server and stream, pur JS using HTML5, preferred though is native client

Android WebView

Android WebView
Nicolas Roard

Architecture WebKit
WebCore layout and JS core

JS benchmark in Jellybean on a Nexus is much faster

Reder loop
event > paint > draw
– for pictures you can represent the whole page without going back to webkit when scrolling or zooming
– software rendering issues though: dependent on the time spent traversing and rasterizing, no 3D CSS, limited support for plugins and video

Honeycomb and beyond
– tile content
– hardware rendering is scroll > draw uses a separate thread for paint to get a new tile

CSS Animations
– CSS property to animate HTML elements
– supported on webkit browsers
– On android hardware accelerated and faster than JS

Remainder of presentation is full of code examples and would be better to review the slides. I’ll post a link when it becomes available.